Business Management Tips - Can You Really Boost Productivity 20 Percent in a Day? (Yes, You Can!)

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I've said this many times about business productivity:

"Change One Thing, And You Can Change It ALL!"

Your products, your services, your customers, your team, your personal productivity.

20 Percent More Productive In A Day

"Come on Linda, that's not really possible, its it?"

Not only possible, not as hard as you might think. Here are some tips that can pull it off.

1. Let's start with your mindset - most people believe they must keep doing what they're already doing... That's the worst mindset you could hold because it cuts you off from seeing the 101 possible ways of doing things with less effort, less attention, less energy. Shift to a mindset of "How can I reduce 20 percent of the effort put into this, today" and the ideas will start showing up immediately.

2. 20 percent up or 20 percent down - you decide. Do you want to get 20 percent more out of the system, or put 20 percent less effort into the results you're now getting. Either choice will serve as a starting point.

3. Remember the 80-20 rule - it's practically universal that 20 percent of your clients or customers are "high maintenance." They're creating 80 percent of your distractions, disruptions and diversions. Keep them but change your pricing structure to charge them 20 percent more.

4. 80-20 redux - If those high maintenance customers take their business elsewhere, they've given you back a lot of your time and resources to go after serving your ideal clients! Feeling pressured by a potential drop in revenue - then now is the time for...

5. Be a brainstorming wizard - the fastest path to change is being open to changing. That doesn't mean that every task, activity, process or technique in your business must change. It only requires making it safe to raise new ideas that could boost productivity. One idea breeds another and another and in those discussions will be gems that never would have seen the light of day without stirring up the thinking on purpose.

Bonus Tip - use time blocking. Don't believe reducing the interruptions can work? Well, I got an email from my client David O. in Los Angeles that reads "Linda, I didn't' believe you when you said time blocking would increase my productivity. I decided to try the 45-minute hour. I 'knew' that the project would take all that time... and when I looked at the clock after 20 minutes I realized that not only was I done with the project, I had also started working on the next one!"

Are you up for the challenge, the relief and the results?

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Business Management Tips - Can You Really Boost Productivity 20 Percent in a Day? (Yes, You Can!)

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Business Management Tips - Can You Really Boost Productivity 20 Percent in a Day? (Yes, You Can!)

This article was published on 2010/04/03