Fuel Mileage Concerns Stalling Road Trips? Possibly, Americans Drive Fewest Miles Since 2003

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In June, AAA forecasted a decline in miles traveled for the Fourth of July weekend. Fuel mileage and fuel economy are still on the minds of many as Americans have now driven the fewest miles since 2003.

DETROIT, M.I. – Fuel mileage concerns have caused many Americans to reduce the amount of miles they drive, and the numbers seem to still be falling. It was forecasted by AAA that the high gas prices and struggling economy were the main causes of the slowdown July Fourth weekend and those two causes may still be in effect.

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In July, the final count was 261.8 billion traveled miles, but this number is 6.7 billion fewer miles than the year before in the same month.  As a whole, the first seven months showed that Americans were still traveling but still less than usual.

The final numbers for the first seven months show the numbers have not been as low as they were since 2003. Americans have driven 1.715 trillion miles since January, while 2003 tallied at 1.665 trillion miles in the same time period. As a whole, the driven miles has fallen 1.2 percent this year, which translates to 21.5 billion miles.

Other changes include traffic declining for five consecutive months while drivers have been buying less gasoline. Numbers show that 62.3 billion barrels of gasoline were purchased during the first 10 days of September. For the rest of the month, the amount has declined 2.7 percent.


Michigan travel is still off as travel in July dropped 3.2 percent or 8.2 billion miles. June saw a decrease also with 1.6 percent in June or 8.5 billion miles. The urban roads saw a drop in traffic in Michigan 2.3 percent with the total travel decline on rural roads down 3.3 percent.

With automakers creating more vehicles that may achieve better fuel mileage, perhaps drivers will once again return to the road in higher numbers than this year's tally so far.; however, at this point, it seems the travel will continue to decline. MI Auto Times will continue to follow the story.

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[Source(s): The Detroit News]

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Fuel Mileage Concerns Stalling Road Trips? Possibly, Americans Drive Fewest Miles Since 2003

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This article was published on 2011/10/01