MEMS adoption keeps momentum

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Makers are enhancing their MEMs selections to meet various requirements amid upbeat projections.

Broad application in the automotive, consumer electronics and medical fields is driving China’s MEMS industry. Data from iSuppli showed that the sector expanded 18 percent in 2010, with CAGR forecast to reach 13 percent in 2009-14, higher than the 10 percent projection for the entire semiconductor segment. Revenue from the line will hit $3.2 billion this year, estimates the China Electronics News. The upturn will be spurred further by strong government backing as demonstrated by the 863 and 973 programs and the Electron Development Fund.

Riding the industry’s rapid expansion, China makers are enhancing MEMS selections, rolling out models that can cater to various requirements.

MEMSensing Microsystems Co. Ltd has launched high-performance pressure sensor chips for vehicles and industrial applications. Wuxi Nano MEMS Co. Ltd, meanwhile, is upgrading its pressure sensors for tire pressure monitoring systems, blood pressure gauges, altimeters and inlet pressure monitors.

In 2010, coach and carriage sensors led sales of vehicle MEMS, which rose 32 percent YoY. The application of sensing components was bolstered as more countries required the installation of car safety systems such as ESC and TPMS. Sales, however, are anticipated to rise by just 3 percent this year due to lower prices, while growth will slow down to 7 percent.

MEMS employed in consumer electronics registered $1.6 billion in sales in 2010. This is projected to climb to $2.1 billion this year and $3.7 billion in 2014. Applications include power management, GPS and gyroscopes.

Sensing components are also incorporated in medical equipment. Demand from this area has been growing as more portable devices are developed to meet the needs of an aging society.

Emerging products such as MEMS displays, 3-axis gyroscope, miniature projection equipment, inertia sensors and telecom equipment likewise shore up the local industry.

Enterprises have made progress in improving manufacturing techniques with the use of digital chips and the integration of MEMS and CMOS technologies.

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MEMS adoption keeps momentum

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MEMS adoption keeps momentum

This article was published on 2011/09/19