Michigan Chevrolet Dealers See 153 Percent Increase in Chevy Cruze; General Motors Still YTD Leader

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DETROIT, M.I. – Michigan Chevrolet dealers added to the increase in numbers for General Motors for the month of June. Overall, there was an increase for all of the GM brands, with the highest increase going to GMC and the highest units sold going to Chevrolet.

General Motors saw an overall retail increase for the month of June by 16 percent compared to June of 2010. Retail numbers were also up 4 percent higher than the previous month in May. According to GM's report, the gain was the result of the continued demand or the wide selection of fuel-efficient vehicles.

"With continued strong consumer demand for GM's fuel-efficient vehicles, June was another solid month for us," said Don Johnson, vice president, U.S. Sales Operations in a GM article. "The month caps a successful first half of 2011 for us in the U.S. market – our sales are up and we've gained share profitably."

Michigan Chevrolet dealers saw the highest sales in the Chevrolet Cruze with retail sales being 153 percent higher than the sales of the Chevrolet Cobalt, which had been discontinued to make way for the Cruze. The total sales for the Chevrolet Cruze were more than 20,000 units for the third month in a row. Other Chevrolet vehicles that saw an increase included the Chevrolet Equinox with a 79 percent increase.

Chevrolet hit a record that Michigan Chevrolet dealers may be interested about this month as well. For the third consecutive month, sales of passenger cars were higher than Chevrolet trucks and crossovers. This has not happened since 1991.

For crossover and passenger cars, General Motors saw an increase for both categories. The figures are as follows:

  • Total retail sales passenger cars increased 33 percent during June
  • Total retail crossover sales were up 24 percent compared to last June

Full-sized pickups also saw increases with total combined sales of the Silverado, Avalanche and Sierra increasing 5 percent. Year to date is showing retail sales for GM being up 12 percent with 259,101 units sold.

Dealers have a final month-end inventory at about 605,000 units which is up about 21,000 units from May and 168,000 units higher than June last year.

The following is a breakdown of what Michigan Chevrolet dealers saw as final numbers for Chevrolet as well as the other individual GM brands:


156,848 units in June

11 percent increase in June

904,548 units YTD

16 percent increase YTD


14,868 units in June

13 percent increase in June

93,599 units YTD

34 percent increase YTD


32,782 units in June

15 percent increase in June

187,364 units YTD

23 percent increase YTD


10,860 units in June

8 percent increase in June

76,122 units YTD

18 percent increase YTD


General Motors is still in the lead year to date with 1,261,633 vehicles sold, which is up 192,056 from the same time frame last year. The corporation is leading in total and retail market share gains.

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[Source(s): GM Media]

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Michigan Chevrolet Dealers See 153 Percent Increase in Chevy Cruze; General Motors Still YTD Leader

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This article was published on 2011/07/05